Our Code for Professional Conduct - 8 Principles

Admiral Solutions and each of our team members must abide by the following 'Code for Professional Conduct Principles', as sanctioned by the RCSA (Recruitment and Consulting Services Association) and governed by the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission).


Our team proudly observes a high standard of ethics, probity and professional conduct which requires not simply compliance with the law; but extends to honesty, equity, integrity, social and environmental responsibility in all dealings and holds up to disclosure and to public scrutiny.


'The Admiral's commitment to follow this code means that our
professional practices and ethics are always of the highest standard


1. Confidentiality and Privacy

Observe a high standard of ethics, probity and professional conduct


2. Honest Dealings

Must act honestly in all dealings with Candidates, Clients, Consultants and all Affliates


3. Respect for Work Relationships

Must not undertake to unlawfully jeopardise a Candidate's engagements,
nor interfere in work relationships established by others


4. Respect for Laws

Must comply with all legal, statutory and Government requirements


5. Respect for Safety

Must act diligently in assessing OH&S safety risks


6. Respect for Certainty of Engagement

Must ensure that Candidates are given details of their work conditions


7. Professional Knowledge

Must work to develop a satisfactory and up-to-date level of relevant professional knowledge


8. Good Order

Are encouraged to use the processes of negotiation, mediation and then finally arbitration to resolve disputes



Code Principles Explained:

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