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    Business Mission and Vision

    it is essential to most people that they feel connected within their work environment; one critical way is to make sure that 'everyone' within an organisation has a crystal clear idea about not only what makes the business tick but more importantly precisely how and when it will evolve.

    As a boss, you should be sure to keep your team fully informed as to the direction of the business and then consistently encourage them to let you know how they think they are contributing to these shared values.

    During the recruitment process, it is worthwhile to ask potential candidates how and why they feel they fit into your business plans.

    Every company has a set of written or unwritten values; it is critical that values are articulated clearly and reinforced with every employee on a consistent basis to ensure cohesion between how an employee performs by the stated values of their employer. Only in this way can employees feel secure and happy in the knowledge that they are behaving in a manner that is supportive of the company and vice versa.

    It is therefore clear that the behaviour of candidates must be in synch with the corporate values otherwise there is a better than even chance that they will not fit in.

    Every business has its unique character, style and attitude.

    It is essential to clearly define the real culture at the heart of a company to successfully identify ideal candidates that will comfortably fit within a team and readily produce positive outcomes while at the same time enjoy a genuinely satisfying and rewarding work life.

    Identifying interacting lines of communication, organisational methods and authority between various departments, branches, office locations or sections readily reflect the massive influence that structure has on the culture of any business. It also clearly defines the effectiveness of communication channels, business process flow, system efficiencies, the dreaded office politics and a great deal more. This analysis also provides excellent insight as to the style of person that is ideally suited to fit specific roles.

    To best judge, whether a potential candidate may be a good fit is to check with them as to their level of comfort with autonomy, or lack thereof. Also, engage with them in what they see as the pros and cons of your business structure as this will provide invaluable insight into how they may or may not fit into the organisation.

    The style of leadership employed sets the tone and pace of the culture and sub-culture within any organisation. Identifying the various styles being used most within your business will provide a robust platform to judge the right cultural fit reliably. Generally, leadership styles are classified into four clearly defined categories, i.e. Authoritarian, Democratic, Laissez-faire or Transactional.

    Based on past experience, a positive and satisfied outcome will invariably be best achieved should the potential candidate have the right personality to blend with the leadership style of their leader. Could you imagine placing a new hire, used to having their voice heard, with an Autocratic leader; without a doubt, you would be rehiring the position in no time.

    Typically this would describe such things as dress code, moral obligations, ethical practices, handling of business gifts, gratuities, workspace, staff areas, meal facilities. Also includes attitude towards flexible working hours, maternity/paternity support, meeting protocols, telecommute, team functions, work socialising and much more.

    Experience has taught us that taking the candidate on a guided tour of the business and allowing them to interact with other staff dramatically reduces the chance of any unpleasant surprises further down the track which may make them feel otherwise disenchanted or misled.

    A vital part of the culture of any business is the importance surrounding the personal qualities of the collective team and individuals. It is essential that you consider the unique personalities of each team member and how a recruit will fit in with the rest of the team. Will they compliment the rest of the group or will they create a friction point that may destabilise the essence of the current structure?

    Ask yourself such questions as - Are other team members high performers or entitlement whingers? Are they supportive of recruits or do they shield themselves within an impenetrable social clique? Are they competitive or complacent?

    These are just a handful of questions that lead to securing the right 'corporate culture fit'.

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