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Twenty years ago, if you heard that a company had their own website, it brought forth looks of amazement with reverent oohs and ahhs.   Nowadays, if you tell someone you have your very own website, watch how fast they yawn and change the subject.

Today's website is a company's version of a virtual storefront.  How many retailers do you know are closing down their expensive "bricks-n-mortar" stores in large shopping centres and setting up inexpensive websites instead?

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Imagine enjoying a work environment where everyone works together in harmony to achieve the most awesome results while enjoying personal satisfaction? Well in my experience it rarely works out that way since too many shortcuts are taken during the typical recruitment process. 

Quite simply, it isn’t enough to reveal top talent; it is equally important to genuinely achieve the right fit for the unique culture of each organisation.

It takes a personalised, methodical and laborious approach during the recruitment process to achieve such a reliable match - far more than just reviewing a piece of paper with work history, experience and other credentials to identify whether the applicant is the ideal fit. Often, all the boxes are seemingly ticked yet the employee and employer never really hit it off, and ultimately they are doomed for divorce, months or years down the track.

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I write about the field of job hunting in a quirky way.

Job hunting, dating, fishing - what's the difference?  Looks all the same to me from where I sit. 

My girlfriend told me she believes in the "catch-n-release" dating philosophy.  She plucks a prospective fish out of the pond, looks him over closely, maybe tries him out, then decides whether or not to keep him or throw him back into the water.  Catch-n-Release.

Employers are trying to catch the best candidates for their company.  They pluck several resumes from the candidate pool, interview several of them, maybe tries one out on a probationary period, then decides whether or not to keep them on their payroll.  Catch-n-Release.

Just trying to find the best catch of the day.

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