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Here are a few home truths about recruitment agencies, certainly not comfortable for some to read but essential reading for employers who care about the quality of recruitment outcomes in this ever-changing world.

Home truth revealed

First, let me state the bleeding obvious; large recruitment agencies have large overheads with large numbers of recruiters who need to make a high volume of placements to thrive (and survive). Now reflect on that for a moment and imagine how this approach to recruitment practices impacts the way large agencies may approach their work ethic and how they may treat both job seekers and their clients.

Quotas are a curse

I have been on the other side of the fence as both an employer and job seeker so can certainly speak with authority as to the experience of dealing with a recruiter who is pressured to close a deal in order to meet a monthly quota versus someone who is genuinely engaged in the best long-term interests of both the job seeker and the employer.

Churn and burn

Progressive recruitment agencies continue to thrive, even during times of tough economic conditions, as they remain focused on delivering quality recruitment outcomes above all else and certainly not driven by KPI's. This is a stark contrast to the churn and burn approach by some large recruitment agencies as they have often been known to push job seekers into the wrong corporate culture fit or persuade clients to take on candidates to simply make a quick buck without genuinely caring about the long-term outcome.

Dare a large agency

Ask yourself; how many large recruitment agencies offer up to 6-month guarantees on candidate placements coupled with a money back commitment? As an employer you should reflect on why they may not offer this level of assurance; could it be they don't have the same level of confidence that a smaller agency who takes the time and care to consistently deliver the ideal corporate culture fit?

Biggest is not always the best

There are many employers who say big is best, akin to the belief that no IT Director ever got fired for buying IBM. The real question should always be asked when it comes to choosing a recruitment agency as to whether big is necessarily the best choice for your business. I would say there are times when the answer may be yes, yet most times better outcomes would certainly have been delivered by engaging a far more progressive, lean and focused recruitment agency capable of providing quality outcomes coupled with the ideal corporate culture fit.

Bells and Whistles For All

There are progressive recruitment agencies which offer all the bells and whistles of large agencies, particularly those forward-thinking agencies that have embraced meaningful technology, immersed themselves in social media and belong to renowned professional networks. Most importantly of all, these agencies generally trounce their larger counterparts when it comes to personalised service, results and achieving the ideal corporate culture fit.

Here are 5 reasons that 'Big' agencies aren't necessarily best...

  • Big often applies to a churn and burn approach
  • Big does little to ensure the right corporate culture fit is achieved
  • Big cares most about filling quotas
  • Big is blinded by out of date recruitment practices
  • Big is not genuinely immersed in Social Media so often fail to source ideal passive candidates

Here are 5 reasons you should consider 'Progressive' agencies...

  • Progressive is focussed on delivering the ideal corporate culture fit
  • Progressive delivers outstanding personal and professional service
  • Progressive is nimble in their approach to sourcing ideal candidates
  • Progressive provides cost-effective recruitment with meaningful guarantees
  • Progressive takes the time to listen to their clients and understand their needs

Quality recruitment can be surprisingly affordable and certainly provide a positive outcome for those forward-thinking businesses who embrace progressive recruitment agencies.

Ultimate Test

Always take some time to check a recruiter's credentials, read their testimonials, ask for client references, view recommendations posted on Social Media and above all, be sure to check their placement guarantee offer.

I challenge employers to reflect on what level of service and reliability you truly seek from a recruitment agency and be sure your choice will deliver the ideal results for your business.

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Ken Boots
Author: Ken Boots
About the Author

Ken recruits top sales talent coupled with the ideal culture fit; supported by Admiral Solutions® Personalised HR™ approach. His recruitment specialisation covers mid to senior level executive sales roles across Australia and North America.

Ken gets a real buzz matching job seekers with the ideal employer to achieve the best culture fit.

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