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Twenty years ago, if you heard that a company had their own website, it brought forth looks of amazement with reverent oohs and ahhs.   Nowadays, if you tell someone you have your very own website, watch how fast they yawn and change the subject.

Today's website is a company's version of a virtual storefront.  How many retailers do you know are closing down their expensive "bricks-n-mortar" stores in large shopping centres and setting up inexpensive websites instead?

These new virtual storefronts feel empty without (virtual) activity.  How do retailers make their new storefronts feel busy and full of eager customers?  By using social media.

Social media is what emulates the image of looking inside the store windows of a busy, bustling store with customers lined up at all of the registers and armloads of good stuff they want to purchase.

When you find yourself standing outside of two different restaurants, how many of you choose to avoid the dead looking, almost empty restaurant and instead stand in line for the extremely busy restaurant next door?

Maybe social media isn't such a waste of time after all - what do you think?

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Cleary O'Brien-Boots
Author: Cleary O'Brien-Boots
About the Author

Cleary O'Brien-Boots is a talent sourcer of mid to senior level IT roles across the Australasian and North American markets and revels at Admiral Solutions in achieving the ideal match between candidate and employer.

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