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Seems life, in general, has become a real churn and burn; fast food, fast cars, fast life and so on. Fewer people take the time these days to get the job done right first time, smell the roses or even bother to be simply courteous.

Human Cost
Remember a time when it was common to stop and think before making a decision. Letter correspondence took days, then along came faxes with an expectation of response within the same day. Fast forward to today with emails on smartphones requiring immediate attention. Nowadays little thought is given as to where, or what you are doing, responses are expected immediately! Little time to think, no time to carry out due diligence, be courteous, be thoughtful; just get it done and deliver those results now!

Technological advancements continue to gather rapid and exciting pace. Further fostered by the desperate plight of companies post-GFC to find quick and efficient ways to slash their overheads, improve their efficiencies and lift their bottom-line. Sadly much of this has come at a terrible human cost.

What the Heck
Having been a client on the receiving end of recruiting assignments and then entering the world of recruitment post-GFC has been challenging to say the least, translated... 'what the hell was I thinking'.

Actually, I knew full well, comforted by the knowledge that an exciting new era had dawned in recruiting and a ready acceptance that the past will never return.

Recruiting Has Changed Forever
The old guard of recruiting is rapidly dying out, weighed down by their firmly entrenched infrastructure, outmoded operations and unsustainable overheads.

The downside is the unfortunate introduction of some sub-standard recruitment operators offering a no-frills, churn and burn attitude with very little care about personalised service or bothering to achieve an ideal corporate culture fit.

New Era
It is clear traditional recruiters must rapidly shed their shackles and develop their social recruiting skill set if they are to embrace a new dawn. Unlike recruiters, Talent Sourcers thrive with a vast understanding and deeply connected social media network, backed by highly sophisticated technology, data mapping intelligence, deep sourcing capabilities and extensive networking skills.

These new-era skills combined with commercial acumen and a finely honed instinct to reliably identify the right personality fit ensures Talent Sourcers are able to tap deep into a wealth of real talent. Such intuitive sourcing capabilities contribute to identifying the ideal culture fit that would otherwise remain invisible, even to those with seemingly huge in-house databases at their disposal or naive enough to think that simply searching LinkedIn will miraculously produce an immediate source of talent at relatively little expense.

Bright Future
A bright future is dawning for genuinely talented sourcers committed to providing 'real' personalised HR service, backed by cutting edge technology, finely honed sourcing skills, a solid network of contacts and deep social intelligence.

The real clincher for clients is that these 'new-era' HR services are now being provided by Talent Sourcers offering superb service coupled with outstanding results at a fraction of the exorbitant fees charged by leading recruitment firms.

Stats to Keep in Mind
Worth reflecting on this one statistic to envisage the scope of sourcing opportunity and complexity just within Australia alone. Imagine a population of 24 million comprising 4 million registered LinkedIn users plus 12 million on Facebook, then add a plethora of other social media sites and the task of finding that proverbial needle in the haystack is seemingly overwhelming to those without social intelligence.

Talent Sourcer Versus Recruiter, What's the Difference?
Surprisingly many traditional recruiters and clients know relatively little about the machinations of social media and how to precisely tap into such an enormous wealth of talent.

Don't get me wrong, even Talent Sourcers encounter obstacles, delays and frustration. Nevertheless, Talent Sourcers equipped with their deep knowledge of social media intelligence coupled with cutting-edge technology are often far better equipped to handle a tough assignment and deliver the ideal culture fit than a traditional recruiter, or for that matter, an HR professional burdened by a myriad of daily pressures and lack of resources or focus.

What is Your View
What has been your experience with Talent Sourcers and how did it feel?

Have you ever met one yet?

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Ken Boots
Author: Ken Boots
About the Author

Ken recruits top sales talent coupled with the ideal culture fit; supported by Admiral Solutions® Personalised HR™ approach. His recruitment specialisation covers mid to senior level executive sales roles across Australia and North America.

Ken gets a real buzz matching job seekers with the ideal employer to achieve the best culture fit.

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