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Seems life, in general, has become a real churn and burn; fast food, fast cars, fast life and so on. Fewer people take the time these days to get the job done right first time, smell the roses or even bother to be simply courteous.

Human Cost
Remember a time when it was common to stop and think before making a decision. Letter correspondence took days, then along came faxes with an expectation of response within the same day. Fast forward to today with emails on smartphones requiring immediate attention. Nowadays little thought is given as to where, or what you are doing, responses are expected immediately! Little time to think, no time to carry out due diligence, be courteous, be thoughtful; just get it done and deliver those results now!

Technological advancements continue to gather rapid and exciting pace. Further fostered by the desperate plight of companies post-GFC to find quick and efficient ways to slash their overheads, improve their efficiencies and lift their bottom-line. Sadly much of this has come at a terrible human cost.

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I review hundreds of job applications every week and it never ceases to amaze me that job applicants make such simple mistakes that kill any chance of success.

1. Comprehension Skills
It is incredible to me how many job seekers use the 'spray and pray' method of job applications. Seems they only read a part of a job advertisement and then figure that a bit of a fit is close enough.

So here is my simple tip - read the job advertisement in its entirety and be sure you satisfy at least most of the key 'must have' job requirements before you hit the apply button.

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Here are a few home truths about recruitment agencies, certainly not comfortable for some to read but essential reading for employers who care about the quality of recruitment outcomes in this ever-changing world.

Home truth revealed

First, let me state the bleeding obvious; large recruitment agencies have large overheads with large numbers of recruiters who need to make a high volume of placements to thrive (and survive). Now reflect on that for a moment and imagine how this approach to recruitment practices impacts the way large agencies may approach their work ethic and how they may treat both job seekers and their clients.

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You must think I am crazy as a professional recruiter to raise awareness around what many would consider a delicate issue. Everybody knows it, everybody talks about it, yet few acknowledge it or ever bother to make a genuine effort to help. I regularly share these tips with candidates and hope they may be of help to you. 

Mature encounters

I am talking about A-G-E discrimination. You would think that mature experience and a wealth of wisdom would count for something. Depending on the type of job, even those as young as mid 40's can struggle to snag their ideal job within a reasonable time frame. As the years creep-on the odds invariably stack higher, giving many talented professionals the feeling of being relegated to the scrap heap. This can translate into despondency, lethargy, negative thoughts, self-doubt, anger, frustration, disappointment and even self-pity.

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